Travel InsTrucTIons

Please remember that your unique handcrafted piece of Bullet Girl jewelry is a reproduced blank bullet and will not be permitted to be worn or checked-in with your carry on luggage. To travel with this jewelry, make sure pieces that most represent a full size bullet go in your checked luggage.

care InsTrucTIons

Due to the natural metals of the bullet, the color may change over time. Proper storage helps prevent scratching of stones and metal. It is best to keep your pieces away from extreme heat or moisture.
BulletGirl recommends applying perfume and other sprays or lotions before putting on your jewelry. Jewelry should be removed prior to showering. It is normal for jewelry to tarnish with time and wear. To polish, use a cotton cloth and/or soap and water and gently rub surface of jewelry. Do not use silver polish,
jewelry polishing cloths are recommended on Bullet Girl jewelry.

For questions about care and handling, please email