Susana Frost Cap Studs
  • Susana Frost Cap Studs


    Little by little, no-choice kills your soul. No-choice gives you no other option but to settle, endure, and deteriorate spiritually and intellectually. This is the worst service that you can render someone. This is the worst decision that you can take for yourself. To negate what you know and consequently maintain the status quo affect negatively all those individuals who gravitate around you and who love you. The likely absence of emotional strength is what discourages so many men and women from acknowledging what life is requiring from them at this very minute and from sharing what their life-changing epiphanies are.


    Reproduced brass .762 bullet caps with white CZ, bathed in rhodium, black rhodium, yellow gold, and rose gold.

    Width: 1.16cm, 0.45in

    Length: 1.16cm, 0.45in

    Thickness: 0.40cm, 0.15in

    Metal Type