Susana Frost Cap Dangle Earrings
  • Susana Frost Cap Dangle Earrings


    Life is way too short to surrender. In the meantime, kindness forces you to care about how your decisions affect those you love dearly. Kindness starts with self. If you are unkind to yourself, you cannot be kind to anyone else. The emotional impact that your choices have on your loved ones are undeniable. But as unpleasant or even excruciating as the consequences are at first, they ultimately create a very positive dynamic for everybody. It just takes the immense courage to keep the latter in mind at all times, so going back and settling are not possibilities.   



    Reproduced brass .762 bullet caps with white CZ, bathed in rhodium, black rhodium, yellow gold, and rose gold.



    Width: 1.16cm, 0.44in
    Length: 3.07cm, 1.214in
    Thickness: 0.38cm, 0.15in

    Metal Type