Honey Ryder Pavé Bracelet
  • Honey Ryder Pavé Bracelet


    Is giving what you have in abundance true generosity? Is solely giving to whom you deem deserving true generosity as well? How would it make you feel, if you were to give what you lack in your life, regardless of who the recipient is? We never have enough love to give, especially to those who desperately need some. It costs you nothing. And you can empower others to finally realize that love is real.



    Reproduced brass .223 Remington bullets with pavé finish, bathed in rhodium, black rhodium, yellow gold, and rose gold. 


    Width: 7.79cm, 3.06in

    Length: 18.30cm, 7.20in

    Thickness: 1.00cm, 0.39in

    Metal Type