Fiona Clover Earrings
  • Fiona Clover Earrings


    Life is a wonderful and unique – don’t we only live once? – opportunity to better oneself. The past belongs to the past, and we’re utterly powerless over it. It’s done. Over. However, we have the ability to accept it, learn from it, and ultimately make better choices. It takes time and efforts. And every single second spent bettering oneself is the best investment one can certainly make for his or her life.



    Reproduced brass .380 bullet caps with CZ and four leaf clover pavé finish, bathed in rhodium, black rhodium, yellow gold, and rose gold.



    Width: 1.79cm, 0.70in
    Length: 1.79cm, 0.70in
    Thickness: 0.02cm, 0.08in

    Metal Type