Elektra Pearl Choker
  • Elektra Pearl Choker


    The ability to know right away whether an option is worth considering is not a challenge that is insurmountable. And it does not require years of training or some sorts of superpowers to allow this talent to be an intrinsic part of what you are. It necessitates nothing more than the simple and straightforward willingness to see without biases. In other words, you have to see people and occurrences for what they really are and not for what you want them to be. 



    Reproduced brass .357 Magnum bullet caps with white CZ, bathed in yellow gold with either white, black, or turquoise pearls.


    Width: 4.56cm, 1.79in

    Length: 32.00cm, 12.59in

    Thickness: 1.05cm, 0.41in

    Metal Type