Bonita Cap Earrings
  • Bonita Cap Earrings


    Your emotional baggage is the sum of all the emotions that you have accumulated throughout the years and with which you are still not at peace. When you are not at peace with your emotional baggage, you cannot be at peace with yourself. When this is the case, do you believe that you are able to develop and nurture a healthy relation with your own self and a harmonious relationship with someone else? The deliberate choice to face all your fears opens the door to the creation of a different energy between you and your past. However it takes a lot of courage to embark on such an adventure, where so many unknown factors can emerge at any time, making your experience so much more uncomfortable than initially anticipated. Fortunately, there is a major upside to the spiritual journey. It is life-changing, and for the very best.   



    Reproduced brass .380 bullet caps with white CZ bathed in rhodium, black rhodium, yellow gold, and rose gold.



    Width: 1.05cm, 0.41in
    Length: 8.25cm, 3.24in
    Thickness: 0.55cm, 0.21in

    Metal Type