Aguila Gold Choker
  • Aguila Gold Choker


    We are women. We are warriors. We are never alone. The strength of a caring friend welcomes a ray of light. Hope finds its place and triumphs, opening the gates of creativity and inviting mystical inspiration. This unique piece of jewelry is designed to honor the strength, confidence, and resilience we carry within. The bullets are transformed into a visible shield, and love is the target. Become a soldier of love.



    Authentic Aguila .357 bullet caps with white Cz brass chain, bathed in 24 karat yellow gold. This choker is handmade to order, available in 4 metalways. Delivery time is 2-3 weeks.


    Width: 4.56cm, 1.79in

    Length: 32.00cm, 12.59in

    Thickness: 1.05cm, 0.41in

    Metal Type