BulletGirl and Philanthropy

BulletGirl regularly engages in philanthropic initiatives either by creating a unique piece that is then auctioned for a cause or by donating a significant percentage of its profits.

If you'd like for your nonprofit to partner with BulletGirl, please feel free to contact us.

Below are the foundations with which BulletGirl is currently partnering.


The Houston 20  is a growing group of influential and committed Houstonians, who are forming a movement to advocate for the end of sex trafficking and sex trade in their city by supporting the non-profit organizations providing direct services to victims and survivors.



Founded in 2010, K9s4COPs is a nonprofit foundation whose mission is to ensure that every law enforcement officer in need of a K9 has one at their side, well trained and ready for action. 

Launched as an initiative of K9s4COPs, K9s4KIDs helps provide school districts and college campus police with a safety dog, free of charge.