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We are Women.
We are Warriors.

Our hearts are filled with scars.

Our scars represent signs of healing, where there is no more infection or open wounds, but rather scars of sacrifice, struggle, suffering, soul searching, strength and sanity. Scars are permanent reminders that mold us in to our truth. Our struggle did not break made us.

We wear the bullets to honor ourselves. Our scars are forever healed wounds where there is no more pain and no more struggle. Love is our target. We are soldiers of love. We are Bulletgirls. 

- Jessica Stern Meyer


she vibrates at a higher frequency
She is a soldier of love
she spreads light
she never lets her guard down


She is high caliber

Confident | Independent | Gritty

Brave | Strong | Noble 

Driven | Assertive | Resilient 

Focused | Badass | Outspoken

She is Unstoppable 

She is Woman


She gives back

there’s nothing more powerful than a woman determined to rise and to help others rise as well.

a portion of proceeds will be donated to nonprofits with a mission to empower all things female.



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